THE EDMONTON SUN Q&A mit FISH - 05/07/04

F: What's the first thing you'd like to get across to our esteemed readers?

W: Our mandate is to have fun, sonically bash some skulls and yell "WOOOOOOOOHOOOOO" after every song. Good old time rockin' fun.

You work under pseudonyms, is it OK to tell everyone your real names?
yup.. although noone addresses Gravy by his real name anymore and I'm seriously considering legally changing my name to Rosy Goldenballs.
Tell me about how Whitey got started. You used to play with Brent Oliver ...
Gravy and I played in other bands including SFO with Brent. To make a little extra poker money we began taking shows as a 2 piece originally billed as Whitey Houston & the Bleu Hawaiians. As Whitey gathered steam and the other bands disintegrated Whitey the band became a priority.

What are the immediate advantages to being in a two-piece?
A bigger piece of the pie! Frequent hernias. A higher ladies to band member ratio.

You play a bass like a guitar? When did you first start doing this? Do you like the vibration?
When we first started I was playing guitars and even rock organ. The organ was too heavy (hernias) and the guitar was lacking that certain WOOOOOOOOHOOOOO rock factor. 3 string bass was just right! Sonically very meaty and vibratey.

You have stuff available online to listen to, are you ever going to make an album?
There are some tracks at that can be listened to au gratin (with cheese!). We have been recording in bunches lately so it shouldn't be long now until we've got an album proper. We've been working on a piano version of Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution that's pretty killer.

What did you think of Urge Overkill?
Nash Kato has the right idea still! Tight white wiener pants! As much as a fuck up as he is, they really need Blackie O on the drums though.

I want you to sum up the other bands in a few words each:
Vertical Struts - a li'l something for the girls and the guys. Modern garage smash-em-ups.
Fake Cops - Top drawer choppy Calgary rockers. Stunning!
Twin Fangs - Gigantic iron testicles hang from both Paul and Penny.