4.5 out of 5

More dispatches from the land of vinyl: Whitey Houston's long-awaited album is available in platter form, requiring more technology than you may have thanks to a bonus track being imbedded at the end of each side - which plays BACKWARDS, from the inside out!

The songs have largely long been available on the Web, but surely you aren't always jogging with your mp3 player when you listen to the tunes, right? So crack open a beer and come along ...

It's a perfect collection, including the band's finest, I Got F --- ed by Liberty Mutual, a boppy, hilariously helpless song about dealing with big companies. Whitey, who croons like Curtis Mayfield pumped full of snake venom, uses his three-string bass as a guitar wonderfully on One Hundred, Brand New History even more so, fattest song on the planet. Songs like this, or the radio-friendly Heavy Metal Parking Lot and killer fuzzy Liarbird, explain Whitey's room-packing popularity - - solid noise revving like a motorbike engine and the constant clash of cymbals. They push the two-piece as far as it can go before they even start playing.
Once those Orange amps get plugged in, goodbye.

-FISH GRIWKOWSKY, The Edmonton Sun - May 22, 2005